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The trade name for Jeanne (pronounced genie!) De Vita, a professional editor, author, and writing instructor is book genie. Learn more.

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What book genie does is simple: sharing knowledge and information about how to write so that you can save time, energy, and money.

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You or your writing group can schedule in-person classes with book genie, we can work via Skype video or audio call, or we can work by phone.

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“With every book she managed to teach me something new and help me grow.” Marci B.


If you’re interested in any of the following, contact me for a customized plan and fee estimate.

  • Writing Instruction
  • Group Classes and Workshops
  • Editing
  • Manuscript Evaluation
  • Cover Art and Book Layout/Design
  • Accountability and Mentoring
  • Workshops
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Think Outside The Bookshelf.

Writing, editing, publishing… author platform, branding, marketing… cover art, design, and distribution. Whether you’re an indie author or an established author publishing in the traditional market, book genie can help you think outside the bookshelf.

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Editing, Ghostwriting, and Author Project Management

From acquiring and editing to marketing, art, and design, book genie has touched almost every aspect of the publishing business. Contact book genie now for individualized support.

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