About Book Genie

You may not know my name, but you probably know my work! I’m a prolific editor, writing instructor, and writer.

Using my name or one of several pen names, I have edited the books of New York Times best-selling authors, indie-published authors, self-published authors, and authors still searching for the right outlet for their work.

My passion for words began when I was in second grade. I had written a story about my baby brother on a piece of lined paper shaped like Santa Claus. Somehow, using all the assigned spelling words, I made a story that made my mother cry. I don’t remember the story or the spelling words anymore, but I remember the powerful impact that moving another person through my words had on me.

I was the kid who wrote long, complicated stories in diaries, who wrote for and then ran the school newspaper, who won writing awards and scholarships, and who never stopped believing in the power of stories.

As the daughter of a best-selling romance author, I attended writing conferences and learned the essentials of plotting and story outline at a young age and pursued the academic study of writing in college and graduate school. I tutored my fellow students in writing while an undergrad, and while I was earning the M.F.A in Creative Writing from the University of Notre Dame, I taught Rhetoric and Argumentation to freshmen.

Whether I was working on a literary journal or reading romance novels, my passion for stories never wavered. I have edited hundreds of books professionally, written and published my own writing, and taught university students, community college courses, and small-group workshops to both new and experienced authors.

With the changes in publishing the industry has experienced over the last decade, authors have the opportunity to share their work, their stories, with readers all over the world with just a few clicks of a mouse. But do you know the difference between a story and a novel? How do you craft a self-help book based on your experience if you don’t have fancy degrees and lots of time to write? Have you always wanted to write a book but get stuck, or worse, don’t even know where to start? Maybe you have written a book that all your friends think is great, but you just can’t find a publisher and you don’t know why. How do you really know when and if your book is done? For all these writing scenarios, there are classes and books and online tools. But sometimes what you need is a little magic… magic that comes in the form of a book genie.

What the book genie will tell you is there is absolutely no magic to it. Writing is a craft like any other and must be studied and practiced. But what book genie can do for you is give you accessible, understandable lessons in writing and individualized coaching, support, and accountability goals to help you write, edit, and if you desire, publish your book.

Whether you’re 90 and writing a memoir, 20 and writing a novel, or somewhere in between working on the story that lives inside you, book genie can help you turn your wish into a book.


I’ve worked with Jeanne many times over the years, but her assistance with my first self-publishing project—a contemporary romance series—was by far the most guidance an editor has ever given me. Jeanne went beyond basic editing with insight into character development and interweaving plot points. With every book she managed to teach me something new and help me grow. I’ve used Jeanne for many projects, and look forward to working with her on many more! – Marci Boudreaux

I had the good fortune to work with Jeanne while she was managing editor of Musa Publishing. Even though she wasn’t my editor and had an enormously full plate, she took the time and effort to lend her guidance and encouragement. As a debut author with so much to learn and little confidence, I appreciated it enormously. Looking back, I can see that her efforts made a real impact in the success of that book. Nor did her support end with the closing of that house. She’s continued to touch base and show an interest in my current projects and support other authors I know. – Rhea Rhodan

Jeanne's knowledge of story structure and character makes her an ideal developmental editor. She pours her heart into each project and is fully committed to making your story the best it can be. – New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Helen Hardt

Jeanne De Vita is an absolute pleasure to work with. You can't do much better. – Keith Yatsuhashi