From one-on-one instruction to large groups, book genie will tailor a writing plan for your specific needs.

Individual Writing Instruction

All lessons are interactive and designed to help you learn functional skills. No dull lectures here. Writing instruction services include exercises, tools, and practical skills that you can use to make your book dreams come true.

Classes and Workshops

All workshops will include a basic overview of publishing basics, self-publishing options, and general information about writing habits and processes.


Emphasizing not just the technical aspects of the story, such as incorrect modifiers, grammar, and imprecise writing, book genie coaches and encourages the author, explaining how suggested revisions impact readability, character development, and plot.

Manuscript Evaluation

Sometimes an author doesn’t want a full edit but a strong read. Are you stuck? Feeling uncertain which scenes are working and which need to be reworked? If you have at least 25 pages written, you may benefit from a manuscript evaluation. I can help you plot, organize chapters, dissect problems in world-building, and help you get un-stuck.

Cover Art and Book Layout/Design

While many promote the idea of not judging a book by the cover, the truth is everyone does it. Make your first impression stand out with one of our professional designs.

Accountability and Mentoring

Are you someone who works most efficiently with a looking deadline? A nudge in the ribs? I can help you stay on track and keep your producing words—or whole books. Services range from phone sessions to e-mail check-ins.